Emerging Voices


SELF is hosting our third annual creative writing conference – Emerging Voices on March 11 2017. Our goal is to provide students and young adults with an inexpensive and accessible conference that targets their passion for writing and the validation of Creative Writing/English as a legitimate program of study. In past conferences we have had speakers from all walks of the writing industry such as university professors, authors, publishers, and film makers.

This year’s conference theme is Creative Writing & Publishing in the Digital Era. The world is changing. Technology and people are advancing and so is the field of creative writing and publishing. We want to help prepare our guests for the future of writing and adapt to the changes of publishing. We aim to challenge their thinking and combine themes from past conferences—“Fueling Diversity” and “Exploring Different Mediums”—into the digital era.


Our team will be happy to answer any of your questions or assist you in anyway! Please contact us at self.utsc@gmail.com.