Tod Thiele

Tod Thiele


Assistant Professor





neural circuitry, zebrafish, neurobiology, two-photon microscopy

Research Interests: 

I received my undergraduate degree from Hamilton College where I worked with Herm Lehman & Robert Barlow (SUNY Upstate Medical Center) on diurnal structural changes in the lateral eye of horseshoe crabs. Following graduation, I moved to San Francisco and worked as a technician in Steve McIntire’s lab at UCSF where I helped identify mutations in C. elegans that alter behavioural responses to ethanol. For my PhD research, I investigated the neural circuitry underlying C. elegans chemotaxis behaviour in Shawn Lockery’s lab at the University of Oregon. I was surrounded by zebrafish labs in Oregon (the birthplace of zebrafish research) and became excited about joining the growing number of labs that use this animal to study brain circuits. I next joined Herwig Baier’s group at UCSF for postdoctoral research looking into motor control circuits in zebrafish and later moved with the lab to the Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology in Munich.