Apply for Access

Instructions to apply for CNS Access for UTSC Trainees:

  1. Complete EHS601 Laboratory Biosafety Training and EHS101 WHMIS Training from the Environmental Health and Safety Website. If required, also complete the Radiation and Laser Training. 
  2. Please check off the equipment that you will be using during your research in the CNS Access Request Form. The Applicant and Supervisor must sign off on this form (page 3).
  3. Please fill out the Animal, Aquatics & CNS Access Card form and get it signed by your supervisor.
  4. Read the CNS policies and sign the CNS Memorandum of Understanding form. 
  5. Email the three completed forms (CNS Access RequestAnimal, Aquatics & CNS Access Card and CNS Memorandum of Understanding) to Durga Acharya (



1. CNS Access Request Form

2. Please email for "Animal, Aquatics & CNS Access Card" form

3. CNS Memorandum of Understanding


CNS Policies:

1.0 CNS Access and Violation Policies

1.1 CNS User Fee Policies

2.0 CNS Equipment Usage Agreement

3.0 CNS General Lab Safety Rules

4.0 Storing Biological Agents in the CNS

5.0 Handling of Biological Agents for Live Cell Imaging

6.0 Tissue Culture Room User Guide

Waste Information and Procedures

UTSC Biological Waste Procedures

Bucket List - Waste Disposal Guidelines


For external clients please email for further information on facility access.