Programs & Courses

We offer Specialist, Major and Minor programs in Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics. Specialist programs are designed for students who wish to focus primarily on one specific discipline. Major programs are largely designed for students who wish to focus on more than one discipline. And Minor Programs are designed to introduce students to a discipline, to complement their Specialist or Major Programs in another discipline.

Almost all of our programs are also offered as Co-Op Programs, where academic terms of study and co-op job placements are interspersed within a four-year program. The Arts and Science Co-op Program Office provides detailed information about Co-op programs at UT Scarborough, including admissions requirements, policies, fees, and recruitment cycles.

For questions regarding Computer & Mathematical Sciences Programs, please contact a Program Supervisor

Admissions: When applying from high school to any of the programs offered by the Department of Computer and Mathematical Sciences, you will fill out the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC) form, and specify "Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics".  Upon admission you may enrol in our first year courses, many of which are common to our key programs.  Admission to specific programs of study (including Specialist and Major Programs, and their Co-op counterparts) is made after the first year of study, based largely on one's grades in first year courses. Some programs, such as Co-op programs, or the Specialist Program in Computer Science, are more competitive, and therefore require higher grades. See the UTSC Academic Calendar for details.

Computer Science

Computer Science is an extremely fast paced and exciting field. After a short 2 or 3 decades, computer science now permeates virtually every other academic discipline.


Mathematics has long been the lingua franca of science and engineering, providing foundations for many of the greatest discoveries and innovations of the last century.


Statistics is the science of learning from data, comprising all aspects of the collection, analysis, interpretation and presentation of data.