CS Specialist - Entrepreneurship Stream

Looking for a way to combine your interest in computer science with your passion for high tech innovation? Our Specialist and Specialist Co-Op Programs in Computer Science with a focus on Entrepreneurship and Innovation are the place for your.

The new stream will introduce you to the world of high-tech innovation via a set of courses designed to expose you to the process of turning great ideas into innovative products, complete with solid business plans. You will benefit from the support of innovation centres across UofT: The Hub at UTSC, DCSIL at St. George, and i-CUBE at UofT Missisauga. In addition, the new Entrepreneurship stream provides you with a strong technical background, including the most key elements of our stream on Software Engineering.

If you are interested in this stream, talk to faculty (e.g., Richard Pancer or Francisco Estrada) for more details.

For admission to the Entrepreneurship Stream, you will need to complete the 2018-19 Entrepreneurship Stream Ballot.