Yoonjung Kang

Yoonjung Kang


Yoonjung Kang (Ph.D., MIT) is an Associate Professor of Linguistics in the Centre for French and Linguistics and Graduate Coordinator in the Department of Linguistics, University of Toronto. Her area of specialization is phonology and its interface with phonetics and morphology, with a special focus on Korean. Current research projects include 1) synchronic and diachronic variation in the sound patterns of English loanwords in Korean; 2) dialectal variation in Korean; 3) acoustic and articulatory studies on Korean consonants; 4) heritage Korean in GTA; 5) a general theory of loanword phonology and its implication for phonetics-phonology interface; 6) experimental phonology. She is an associate editor of Phonology.

Research Interests: 

Areas of Research: Phonology; Phonetics; Language Contact; Korean