Shan Arora

Shan Arora

Law Student
University of Toronto Faculty of Law


Academically, Shan earned an Honors Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto at Scarborough, where he majored in both Economics for Management Studies and Mental Health Studies, as well as a minor in French."I first became interested in law when I learned about the complex interaction between the various subfields of common law in high school and participated in a mock criminal law trial, as well as a mock International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. My desire to pursue a professional legal career solidified during the 2014 Ontario General Election campaign where I learned about the importance of efficient and effective advocacy."Shan considers his greatest accomplishments is having his policy regarding a national strategy to prevent, treat, and reduce the harmful effects of drug addiction formally adopted by the Ontario Young Liberals in a competitive process, where the policy passed at the local, regional, and finally, provincial stage."

" UTSC offers a very supportive and close-knit community, which provides the resources and environment to learn about who you are and to develop your identity. The Centre for French and Linguistics is the epitome of this, because you learn about the importance of language and culture and the critical role they play in one’s phenomenology or worldview.  The CFL also offers small class sizes at the outset of your undergraduate career, and the faculty and peers are some of the most devoted and caring people I have ever met. I still connect with faculty at the CFL and some of my best friends today are those who happened to sit next to me in French class one day." 


Awards and Grants: 

  • Governor General’s Academic Medal
  • John Black Aird Scholarship.