2016 Application for ECT: English/Chinese Translation Minor

Offered by the Centre for French and Linguistics, UTSC
Contact person: Dr. Helen Xiaoyan Wu (helenxy.wu@utoronto.ca)

Application dates: April 1 – April 29, 2016 / Second round: July 1 – July 29, 2016

Approximate dates that offers are made: mid-June 2016 / Second round: mid-September 2016

Current active programs at UTSC (if applicable)
(i.e., not came as a visitor or tourist and went back quickly)
If you don’t have the TOEFL or IELTS scores, please provide the proof of at least four years in high school and/or university in Canada or another designated English-speaking country (US, UK, Australia or New Zealand), e.g., your high school transcripts.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: txt rtf pdf doc docx rar zip.
Courses Taken
LINA01 - Introduction to Linguistics
LINB06 - Syntax I
LINB60 - Structure of Chinese (formerly LINC60)
ECTD69 - Translation for Government and Public Administration
NOTE: The prerequisite of ECTD69 is ECTB61 and at least 70% in LGGC64 or LGGC65 or LGGC66 or LGGC67.
Due to a shortage of financial and human resources, ECTD69 and ECTD68 Translation for Business and Media may not be offered in the same year (ECTD68 is not offered in 2015-2016). Because of that, we encourage students to start ECT early and leave two years to complete the minor program.
If not, you must take the placement test, including a survey, BEFORE you submit the ECT application. http://webapps.utsc.utoronto.ca/ptmandarin Answer all survey questions in detail. We will inform you of your result within five working days.
Why I wish to take the English/Chinese Translation minor. Give your own title in Chinese and indicate the number of characters at the end.
Translate the following into Chinese