Natasha Daya

Natasha Daya

Secondary School Teacher
Humberside Collegiate Institute & Toronto District School Board



Natasha earned a H.B.a  in economics and French , with a minor in sociology, from the University of Toronto. She also completed her B.Ed from York University. She considers being a full time contract teacher in the TDSB, as her biggest accomplishment.  "I love seeing the growth and change in my students, and how their development changes me.   My favorite part is when students contact me after they have graduated with such positive feedback and appreciation of my methods, course or just any way I had impacted them!" 

When speaking about her experience with the Centre of French and Linguistics at UTSC; "Prof. McCrindle had a huge impact on my confidence as a non-immersion, non-francophone, core French learned student. She allowed me to develop my oral communication skills with confidence as I was often intimidated by others who were super proficient in speaking. I understood everything and was able to read and write, however always felt insecure about speaking the language. She created an environment where students felt cared for, learned well and were able to make mistakes in order to be themselves and ameliorate their development."

Natasha suggests that a great way to develop your love for the career of teaching, is to spend time volunteering as much as you can within different levels of teaching." I would also say not to give up in this economic and tough teaching climate. Although there is talk about strikes and minimal positions available, there is always room for you! It may take time, and you have to be patient, but those individuals who truly have the love of teaching and life-long learning are the ones that will continue to shape our kiddos for the future generations to come. "