Melissa Marasigan

Melissa Marasigan

Graduate student
University of Toronto - Department of Speech Language Pathology


Melissa has an Honors Bachelors of Science degree with a double major in Linguistics and Psychology from the University of Toronto and is currently completing her Masters of Health Science degree in Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Toronto as well.

"During my first year, I vividly remember sitting in my LINA01 Introduction to Linguistics course fascinated about how complex communication was.  It was intriguing to learn about the importance of communication in our everyday lives as social beings- as it impacts our identity and social relationships. At the end of my first year, I approached my Linguistics Professor (Monica Irmia) and my TA (Trelani Milburn) to discuss about career options and they suggested Speech-Language Pathologist. I researched opportunities, started volunteering, working with Professors and everything started to fall in place."

Melissa considers her greatest accomplishments are her acceptance to the Speech-Language Pathology Masters program, achieving a full-year scholarship for my first year in the SLP program, inspiring undergrads to pursue Linguistics-related careers as a TA at UTSC, and helping patients reach their communicative potential during my international placement at Mbingo Hospital and Integrated School for the Deaf in Cameroon. 

"I’d like to emphasize that the Centre for French and Linguistics program and the Professors have greatly prepared me for the Speech-Language Pathology program.  My strong academic speech science foundation has definitely set me apart from most of my classmates in my current program. As an SLP graduate student, I’m able to apply my theoretical knowledge that I’ve learned at UTSC into clinical practice. I enjoy the fact that I’m able to make a real-world difference to the patients I see during my clinical internships. "