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The purpose of Linguistics Student Association at the University of Toronto- Scarborough is to encourage students to address issues affecting the future of Linguistics. As a student body we want to enhance our knowledge, and meet and network with other professionals in the field. Linguistics is always growing, as such we can work as a group to further involve ourselves with these resources. Our association is for anyone that is fascinated by the patterns, sounds and extraordinary power of how we use words. The departmental student association strives to bring together people from diverse backgrounds in Linguistics for qualitative debate, discussion and education. If you have any questions regarding our organization, feel free to send us an email at


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LSA Member Biographies

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Meet Hanna Zhang, LSA’s President!

Hanna is a fourth year student double majoring in psychology and linguistics and minoring in french at the University of Toronto Scarborough. Her research interests are in the field of speech perception, especially as it pertains to multilingualism and perceptual biasing. After graduation, she plans to either continue with graduate education in psychology/linguistics or work in the visual arts sector. As LSA’s president she’ll be responsible for overseeing the association, acting as a liaison between faculty, the association, and the student body, establishing collaborations with other student groups and DSAs, and ensuring that LSA continues to provide quality programming for the linguistics student body.

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Meet Melanie Lamarca, LSA’s Vice President!

Melanie is a third-year student specializing in Psycholinguistics at the University of Toronto Scarborough. Her interests include the Cognitive Neuroscience of Language and First Language Acquisition. In the future, she aspires to become a Speech-Language Pathologist who assesses and treats communication disorders in patients of all ages. As Vice President, Melanie supports the council’s efforts to add value to the linguistics community in both academic ventures and quality of campus life. She is responsible for assisting with the logistics of organizing and executing various initiatives, alongside the President. Aside from Psycholinguistics, Melanie is an avid spectator of basketball and is always looking for people to discuss the game with her.

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Meet Roy Ching, LSA’s Administrative Assistant

Roy is a fourth-year student pursuing a double major in Biology and Psychology with a minor in Linguistics at the University of Toronto Scarborough. His interests include looking into the components and functions of the human body and how they interact with one another. In the future, he aspires to become a physiotherapist. As the Administrative Assistant, Roy keeps the LSA team organized by writing meeting minutes and reminders. When Roy is not studying, he likes to volunteer, teach piano, and exercise. Roy especially loves to dragon boat and is always trying to get his fellow schoolmates to feel engaged and included.

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Meet Gordon Ly, one of LSA’s Event Directors!

Gordon is a fourth-year student pursuing a double major in Linguistics and Psychology at the University of Toronto Scarborough. His interests include phonology, phonetics, cognitive neuroscience of language, and speech-related disorders. Similar to other members of the LSA, Gordon is an aspiring Speech-Language Pathologist. As one of the Events director of the LSA, his primary goal is to bring fun to the student body while promoting Linguistics at UTSC! His main responsibilities include planning, coordinating and executing LSA’s events throughout the year. Outside of the LSA, Gordon is also coaching the UTSC intramural Ultimate Frisbee Team! With his natural leadership and a outgoing personality, we have no doubt that the events this
year is going to be awesome!

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Meet Sarah Lai, one of LSA’s Event Directors!

Sarah is a third-year student specializing in Psycholinguistics at the University of Toronto Scarborough. Her main interests are in Bilingualism, First/Second language acquisition and Language Disorders. In the future, she aspires to become a reliable and responsible Speech-Language Pathologist. As one of the Event Directors, Sarah strives to bring together the linguistics community through different activities. Her main responsibilities include planning, coordinating and executing LSA’s events throughout the year. Aside from Linguistics, Sarah enjoys listening to music, meeting new people, hanging out with friends and is a food lover!

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Meet Hafsa Mohsin, LSA’s Graphic Designer!

Hafsa is a second year student pursuing a major in Psychology and a double minor in English and Linguistics. Her interests in English literature studies and the humanities motivates her to pursue a career as a high school teacher. As graphic designer, Hafsa creates posters integrating the study of language into designs that communicate the LSA’s goals. She works with her team to design web media that raises awareness of the vast opportunities within the field of linguistics. She is an avid painter and calligrapher, with the subject of her artwork typically being nature, she often explores her local parks searching for inspiration.

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Meet Andrea Leung, LSA’s Upper-Year Representative

Andrea is a third-year student majoring in Psychology and Linguistics at the University of Toronto Scarborough. Her research interest lies in speech perception, bilingualism and multilingualism, particularly the cognitive and neurological processes involved in second language acquisition. Being a upper-year representative means Andrea will act as a liaison between linguistics students, LSA executives, as well as the Linguistics faculty. She will primarily be responsible for coordinating the Linguistics Mentorship Program and help out with the marketing of LSA events. Apart from linguistics, Andrea loves listening to music, cooking, playing basketball and watching movies.Fun Fact: Andrea loves bubble tea more than anything.

Meet Mariam Mushtaq, LSA’s Upper-Year Representative

Mariam is a fourth-year student specializing in Psycholinguistics at the University of Toronto Scarborough. Her interests in the field of linguistics include sociolinguistics, first language acquisition and speech disorders. In the future, she aspires to work with children either as a Speech-Language Pathologist or an Elementary School Teacher. As one of LSA’s Upper-Year Representative, she strives to help build bridges between upper-year students and faculty in the Linguistics Department at UTSC, while representing the LSA in a classroom-based level. In her free time, she enjoys being out in the nature, swimming and reading. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to approach her and let her know!

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Meet Ken Adriano, LSA’s Lower-Year Representative!

Ken is a (fun) third-year student specializing in Psycholinguistics, and minoring in Theatre & Performance Studies at the University of Toronto Scarborough. Her interests include Language Acquisition and Morphology. In the future, she aspires to become a Paediatric Speech-Language Pathologist. As a Lower Year Representative, Ken spreads her enthusiasm and passion for Linguistics in hopes of inspiring the UofT community through the council’s various initiatives such as the mentorship program, Wug Life and the annual Linguistics Conference. Aside from academics, Ken is an adventurous and outgoing individual, may it be camping outdoors or trying new and exotic food! Come say ‘hello’ and share your interests with her!

Fun Fact: Ken is afraid of birds! (except wugs)

Meet Nabeeha Ali, LSA’s Lower-Year Representative!

Nabeeha is a second-year student specializing in Psycholinguistics at the University of Toronto Scarborough. She is interested in first and second language acquisition and how speech is processed in the brain. Nabeeha is still exploring the different careers options within the field of Linguistics, but is definitely interested in Speech-Language Pathology. As one of the LSA’s Lower-Year Representatives, she is working on the Wug Life initiative to promote Linguistics within high schools, and helps to voice the opinions of the lower-year students of Linguistics at UTSC. Nabeeha’s interests are in spending time with her cat, learning the Japanese language, and working out at the gym. If you want to talk, she is always down to do so!

Fun fact: Nabeeha enjoys extreme heights.

The Wug Life 


A bit about The Wug Life


The Wug Life Initiative is a high school outreach founded by the University of Toronto Scarborough and Mississauga campus's Linguistics clubs; the Linguistics Student Association (LSA) and the Linguistics League (LL) respectively. Our goal is to introduce high school students to the field of Linguistics and why the University of Toronto is the best university to study it. For many high school students, applying to university can be a stressful time. The changing environments and the commitment to studying a field for an extended period of time can be a lot of pressure. Few high school students are aware about what Linguistics is, or has to offer them. The Wug Life wants to remedy this, and ensure that high school students make an informed decision about their field of study. Representatives from the Scarborough and Mississauga campus visit high schools around the GTA to discuss what Linguistics is and what it has to offer them. It is our goal to raise awareness for Linguistics at UofT in a fun and interactive way, one student at a time.


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