Ed-Esther Michèle Kenga

Ed-Esther Michèle Kenga

Teacher at Branksome Hall
Course Instructor at UTSC


Ed-Esther moved from Montreal to Oshawa when she was seventeen to pursue her education. She considers that as her greatest accomplishment because since then, she has managed to accomplish various feats in her personal, educational and professional life. 

Ed-Esther earned a  Ministerial Diploma from World Harvest Bible College and an Honours Bachelors of Arts from the University of Toronto. Following that, she obtained a Bachelors of Education from OISE. Ed-Esther is currently working on completing her Masters of Education at OISE (Aug 2016). During high school, she realized how fun and rewarding it was to help out other students with grasping concepts of the French language and decided to pursue a career in teaching.

"The trajectory I took at and from UTSC greatly helped me to be where (and who) I am today. In terms of career path, I feel that having studied in the French Department at UTSC opened my eyes to the Francophone Culture in ways I had not been aware as a high school student. The French Specialist as well as Drama Major enabled me to prepare for my BEd and gave me the connections I needed. An example of this is that in the FREB11 course, I had to find a few high schools to do observations of how French was taught at the Core, Extended and Mother Tongue levels. During my observations at a local Francophone school, I was able to interview and be hired as a pre-accredited supply teacher. Here I gained five years of experience with students all across Toronto and Durham regions from K – Gr. 12. This experience (as well as my BEd and some key other things) helped me to land a full-time position at an incredible IB school in Toronto."

Ed-Esther is really interested in Bilingual Education as well as the education of African-Canadian youth.