Connie Fang

Connie Fang

French Teacher
Toronto District School Board


Born in Montreal, Connie attended Francophone schools until grade 10. She finished her high school in the French Immersion program in Toronto. Following that, she graduated from University of Toronto, with an H.Ba in the Education of Teachers in French. After that, she completed her M.A. at UofT in French Literature. Later on, she continued her studies at OISE/UT and obtained a Bachelor of Education degree.

"I started tutoring my mom friend’s son at a very young age. That was my first teaching experience. I tutored French at many tutoring schools during my undergraduate years, and with all of that I became interested in teaching French. I enjoy working with my students and getting to know them. I enjoy seeing progress in their learning and hearing that they like French. I enjoy hearing from my previous students and knowing that they are still learning French in high school."

"Many professors at UTSC are not only expert in their field of teaching but they are also very caring. They are available for extra help and they make sure students understand the course content. Prof. Beauquis and Prof. McCrindle are examples of those excellent instructors.  They gave clear lessons and expectations and they are also very caring.As a teacher right now, I try to deliver interesting lessons with clear expectations and encourage my students in pursuing their objectives."

Connie stresses that learning a language is not always easy. " Seek help, practice it whenever you can. There is a lot of support at UTSC."

Awards and Grants: 

Graduated with distinction from the University of Toronto Scarborough.