Dev T. Britto

Senior Research Fellow, UTSC Biology


Dr. Dev T. Britto has had a lifelong interest in both natural sciences and hunger issues, having grown up a child of two trained scientists, and having witnessed dire poverty while growing up in the Middle East and India. Britto moved to Canada in 1983, and developed a fascination for plants, which led him to pursue a doctoral degree in plant physiology from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. This degree was completed in 2001, at which time Dr. Britto moved to Ontario to take up a position first as a Post-Doctoral Fellow, then as a Research Associate, in the laboratory of Professor Herbert Kronzucker, the Director of the CCWHR. He currently holds the post of Senior Research Fellow in this laboratory, and is Review Editor for the venerable Journal of Plant Physiology. has published 50 papers in the peer-reviewed literature, and is one of the most highly cited scholars at the University of Toronto, with an h-index of 26 (Google Scholar), and a time-corrected “m-quotient” of 1.5.