Welcome from the Director

Dear IDS Community – Students, Staff, Faculty:

A warm welcome back as we begin this new academic year, 2017-2018. I would especially like to welcome all of our new students in the Specialist, Major, and now our new Minor programs in IDS who are joining us for the first time.

CCDS and the IDS programs offer you a unique four/five year opportunity to learn about conditions of poverty, inequality, and oppression that continue to prevail in our world, and to develop the kind of critical thinking and analytical skills that will propel your careers forward and give you the tools to seek viable, sustainable and just solutions to the challenges we all face. This is worthy end-point – but to get there, you will need to work hard, be willing to learn from the excellent professors you will encounter throughout your time at UTSC and, perhaps most importantly, not be afraid to ask critical questions.

Of course, being a student is not all about studying! It is also about learning outside of the classroom, having fun, and looking after yourselves. To help you with this, we have a wonderful and vibrant IDS/CCDS community and I encourage you all to get involved. There are always a wide array of activities outside of the classroom available to you all – from our IDS Potlucks (see below), to the activities of the IDS Student Association (check out the IDSSA link on this website), to the very professional student-run International Development Conference (IDC) that will take place in the Winter term, to the talks, seminars, and lectures hosted by the Centre for Critical Development Studies, the administrative home of the IDS programs (see below). We want this to be a vibrant intellectual home for all of you – but it can only be so if you take the courage to get involved, come to our events, and take advantage of the opportunities that await. See below for some of the highlights...

In closing, I wish you all an excellent 2017-2018. I hope I will have the chance to meet you all!



Fall 2017/Winter 2018 CCDS Event Overview

  • Fall IDS Potluck - Friday, September 15th, 2017 (5:00-7:00pm EV152)

The IDS Potluck is open to all students interested in IDS, whether you are enrolled formally in a program or not. This is our inaugural event of the year and a chance to meet lots of fellow students, professors and staff. All you need to do is bring a plate, cutlery if possible, and a culinary creation for the potluck table! You may RSVP and sign up your food here on the link below.



  • Fall IDS Forum - Wednesday, September 27th, 2017 (3:30-4:30pm MW324)

The IDS Forum is an open-ended gathering of students from all IDS programs, faculty, and staff of the IDS community. It offers a chance for you to find out more about the activities of the CCDS and the IDS Student Association (IDSSA) and to make suggestions as to how the IDS program, the CCDS, and the IDSSA can better serve you as students. Please come and bring your ideas!


  • CCDS Panel Series – “Let’s Talk Development”! (Fall and Winter)

Panel 1 (Fall): Development and Inequality, Foes or Friends?” -  Wednesday, September 27th, 2017 (3:00-5:00pm MW130) 

Speakers:  Professor Judith Teichman, Professor Thembela Kepe, and Professor Ryan Isakson

The first CCDS “Let’s Talk Development" Panel Series this year is designed to raise big, critical questions in development studies. The seminars will be organized as a panel consisting of two or more faculty, who will each present comments (either general ones or drawing from specific research insights) in 10 to 15 minutes, leaving the remainder of the time for questions and answers from the audience and panelists. Food and refreshments available.

Panel 2 (Fall): Gendering Development” -  Wednesday, Novermber 8th, 2017 (3:00-5:00pm MW324) 

Speakers:  Professor Sharlene Mollett and Professor Husseina Dinani.

The second panel of the CCDS seminar series focuses on the past, present, and future of gender in development. Food and refreshments available.

Panel 3 (Winter): TBD

Panel 4 (Winter): TBD


  • Annual CCDS Al Berry Lecture in Critical Development Studies - Wednesday, November 15, 2017 (7:00-9:00pm, AA112)

Feeding the Future: Understanding the Contemporary Food Crisis

Speaker: Dr. Haroon Akram-Lodhi

The Al Berry Lecture series are annual lectures held by the CCDS, inviting students and scholars in the field to explore important development topics. The lecture will be held within one of the fall IDSA01 lectures, however, all students (of any disciplines and programs) are welcome.

The 2017 Al Berry Lecture covers topics in global food security and the food market. Does the world produce enough food to feed everyone? What caused the rise in food prices between 2007 and 2013? Who are the powerful actors in the food system? And how can world malnutrition be eradicated? Join us for the evening lecture for discussion and idea exchange! 

Dr. Haroon Akram-Lodhi teaches agrarian political economy at the Department of International Development Studies at Trent University, Peterborough. Professor Akram-Lodhi is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Journal of Development Studies

  • Public Forum: The Socially Responsible University - Knowledge Democracy and Community Engagement 

Friday, March 2, 2018 (12:00-4:00pm, EV 1st Floor Catalyst Centre)

Speaker: Dr. Budd Hall

With the United Nations (UN) universally adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015 as a beacon for socially, economically and ecologically sustainable development, there is an important role for higher education institutions to play in addressing the SDGS. Dr. Budd Hall argues that among the contributions the universities may make, introducing critical thinking about knowledge, how knowledge is constructed and by whom, is key. Building on an emerging discourse of knowledge democracy, ideas influenced by Fals Borda, de Sousa Santos, Tandon, Tuhuwei-Smith, Davies, and Gaventa, Dr. Budd Hall will be discussing the recently launched Knowledge for Change Global Consortium for Training in Community Based Participatory Research.