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Paul Kingston



Phone: (416) 287-7305
Location: HL424


Paul Kingston is interested in the politics and power that underpin the dynamics of development and/or underdevelopment.  He approaches this from the discipline of political science but with an historians eye to the longer term political, economic, and institutional processes that influence development trajectories. His most recent research has focused on the political dynamics of development in weak and fragile states.

Selected Publications:

“The Ebbing and Flowing of Political Opportunity Structures: Revolution, Counter-Revolutionary, and the Arab Uprisings” in (eds.) Moises Arce and Roberta Rice, Protest and Democracy, forthcoming.

“Challenging the Gatekeepers: Disability Rights Advocacy and the Struggle for Self-Representation within Lebanon’s Postwar Sectarian Democracy”, in (eds.) Bettina von Lieres and Lawrence Piper, Mediating States and Citizens: Representing the Marginalised in the Global South, New York: Palgrave/MacMillan, forthcoming.

Reproducing Sectarianism: Advocacy Networks and the Politics of Civil Society in Postwar Lebanon, Albany: SUNY Press, 2013 (hbk.) and 2014 (pbk.).

"The Pitfalls of Peace-Building “From Below”: Governance Promotion and Local Political Processes in Post-Conflict Lebanon" in International Journal, Spring 2012, 67, 2, p. 333-350.

(eds.) Kingston, P., and Spears, I., States within States: Incipient Political Entities in the Post Cold War Era, Palgrave/Macmllan, 2004.

Debating Development: Britain and the Politics of Modernization in the Middle East, 1945 to 1958, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1996 (hbk.) and 2002 (pbk.).