Papers & Podcasts

The Centre for Critical Development Studies strives to make its papers, lectures, seminars, and debates accessible to the larger academic community. Check here regularly for updates.

Working Paper Series

The Centre for Critical Development Studies has launched its CCDS Working Paper Series.

These papers are designed to present work in progress and interim results from a wide range of current research projects.

Students networking with Al Berry series lecturer

Al Berry Lecture Series

Al Berry has and continues to be a seminal person in the life of the IDS programs at UTSC. He was part of an inspired group of faculty members that founded the IDS programs in 1984 and he has been a long-appreciated teacher and mentor to three decades of IDS students. It is, therefore, fitting that the CCDS name its annual lecture series in his honour.

Panels and Talks

Each year, the CCDS hosts an annual seminar series around a particular theme. In addition to our annual CCDS Seminar Series, the CCDS also hosts a number of other talks and seminars, some by faculty within the CCDS, others by visiting academics.

The promise and perils of using biotechnology to feed the future

CCDS Debate

The CCDS hosts a debate each year on a pressing issue in development studies..