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CCDS Lecture Series


Wednesday, March 1st, 5pm - MW396 (IDS Resource Room)

Students and faculty getting food at an IDS potluck

IDS Potlucks

The IDS potluck is an event for IDS students and faculty. It's an event and oppourtunity for faculty and students from all years and programs to get together, meet one another, share expperiences, and enjoy some delicious food.

Judith Teichman named to Royal Society of Canada

Judith Teichman is Professor of Political Science and International Development Studies. She is the author of four books and one co-authored book on politics and development in the global south and Latin America.

Volunteers at the IDC 2014

International Development Conference

The International Development Conference at the University of Toronto Scarborough is a student-run conference where students, community members, professionals, and academics can engage in meaningful and critical discussions about current global issues.

CCDS Seminar

CCDS Seminar Series

Every year, the CCDS hosts a number of seminars for students and faculty to learn and engage in a variety of different topics.

CCDS Debate

The CCDS Annual Debate will be held in conjunction with the International Development Conference. This year's debate topic will revolve around the Trans-Pacific Partnership: "BIRT The Trans-Pacific Partnership is Beneficial for Global Development".