New Courses

The Centre for Critical Development Studies provides programs with a critical understanding of international development issues through exposure to a variety of academic disciplines, and cultures in the field of development. We also recognize that our students have a broad range of interests and we encourage students to pursue these subject areas in other disciplines.

Below are listings of new courses added to our calendar categorized by each academic year.  We have noted that these courses might be of particular interest to our students based on reoccurring topics found in our curriculum. Though these courses courses are not part of our programs (unless specified below), they can complement some of the theory and foundations covered in our IDS courses.

NOTE: students must have passed any prerequisites identified in the course description before they enrol in the described course.

2016-2017 Academic Calendar

Course Title Course Code
* Introduction to Statistics for the Social Sciences STAB23H3

*STAB23H3 can be used towards the quantitative methods requirement for the Specialist and Major programs.


2017-2018 Academic Calendar

Course Title Course Code
Kids These Days: Youth, Language and Media MDSB09H3
Community Health and Epidemiology HLTC27H3
Gender, Health and Society HLTC46H3
Special Topics in Health Studies HLTC47H3
The Caribbean Diaspora AFSC70H3
East African Societies in Transition AFSD52H3
Foods That Changed the World FSTA01H3
Race, Segregation, Protest: South Africa and the United States HISC34H3