New books by CCDS Faculty


Professor Ryan Isakson

New Volume published on Agrarian Political Economy edited by Professor Ryan Isakson.

This ground breaking volume entitled NEW DIRECTIONS IN AGRARIAN POLITICAL ECONOMY (Routledge, 2015) was originally a special issue commemorating the 40th anniversary of The Journal of Peasant Studies.  It includes many of the 'giants' of the field, including Madeleine Fairbairn, Jonathan Fox, Michael Levien, Nancy Lee Peluso, Shahra Razavi, Ian Scoones, and Kalyanakrishnan Sivaramakrishnan. Ryan is the lead author in the introductory chapter and was the sole author of the chapter on financialization and the transformation of agri-food supply chains.


Judith Teichman

Recently named to the Royal Society of Canada last year, Professor Teichman is poised to publish her next book, The Politics of Inclusive Development Policy, State Capacity and Coalition Building, Palgrave, 2015.

She has also recently published: "The Role of the Middle Class in Distributional Outcomes: Chile and South Korea" was published in Studies in Comparative International Development. Vol. 50, No. 1, 2015: 1-21.


Bettina von Lieres

New Volume Co-Edited by Bettina von Lieres titled Mediated Citizenship: The Informal Politics of Speaking for Citizens in the Global South (Palgrave, 2014)

This book sets out to answer what appears to be a deceptively simple question: how do poor and marginalized citizens engage the state in the global South? Drawing on twelve case studies from the global South, this book explore the politics of 'mediated citizenship' in which citizens are represented to the state through third party intermediaries who 'speak for' the people they represent.