2018 Annual Al Berry Lecture with Dr. Jeremy Adelman

 Dr. Jeremy Adelman delivers the Al Berry Lecture on "Development or Justice: A Global History"

The Centre for Critical Development Studies hosted the annual Al Berry lecture on Wednesday, September 26, 2018, at the University of Toronto Scarborough. The aim of the lecture was to provide students with an opportunity to reflect on debates currently surrounding development in Canada and around the world. The Centre hosted a pre-lecture reception with the speaker and the current Principal of UTSC, Professor Wisdom Tettey for faculty, alumni, and current International Development Studies 5th year Co-op students. The 5th year IDS Co-op Students had the opportunity to engage with and talk about their placement experiences with Prof. Jeremy Adelman, Principal Wisdom Tettey, and IDS alumni.


This year’s Al Berry lecture was delivered by Prof. Jeremy Adelman, the Henry Lea Professor of History and the Director of the Global History Lab at Princeton University, on the theme “Development or Justice?  A Global History.” During the lecture, Adelman unpacked the global debates over the past 150 years surrounding the question ‘What is development?’. He provided a polycentric discussion on the emergence and history of development in various Global South and Global North contexts. The lecture highlighted the contradictions within development that lead to interdependence, togetherness, and convergence while at the same time produce global inequalities and stratification. An interactive Q&A session concluded the evening as students and faculty contemplated on global narratives on development and how we can conceptualize solutions for redistribution and global justice in an era of increasing global inequalities. 

UTSC: Al Berry Lecture 2018 - Jeremy Adelman