2015 - 2016 Placements

Becky in Thailand

Hi my name is Becky and in less than two weeks I’ll be starting my 35 hours journey to Thailand to begin my 11 month placement with the Karen Human Rights Group (KHRG)!

Daniela in Guyana

My co-op journey has taken many different turns since my first year at UTSC. The “dream placement” has had many different manifestations, but the journey only really starts for me in a few weeks when I depart for Georgetown, Guyana with the he

Kira in Nicaragua

Hello family and colleagues, friends and strangers! Welcome to my blog. I have embraced the world of internet journaling for the purpose of keeping in touch with my dear ones while I’m away from Canada this coming year.

Maya in Colombia

Hello cyber world, I have never been any good at keeping in touch via the inter-web, however I guess this is my chance to reverse this stereotype placed upon me and update all of you lovely people on what is going on!

Chantel in Guatemala

I can remember very clearly about 4 and a half years ago looking around for post-secondary programs to apply to not knowing exactly what I should dedicate the next years of my life to (although I had a vague I idea).

Delorean in Jamaica

Hello friends! My name is Delorean. I’m a student at the University of Toronto studying International Development Studies and Anthropology.

Jessica in Cambodia

Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm about to embark on my 10 month long internship with World Vision Cambodia.

Patrick in Vietnam

My name is Patrick Lloret. I am a fourth year student in International Development Studies with a minor in Political Science. I am working with WUSC-Uniterra in Vietnam as a sector research and analysis officer.

Madison in Malawi

My name is Madison and I am a third year International Development student at the University of Toronto Scarborough. I am interested in human rights and agricultural development.

Heather in Vietnam

Hi friends! My name is Heather Redfern and I’m extremely excited to say that in just over two weeks, I’ll be arriving in Vietnam to begin a 9-month placement with Uniterra as a Sector Research and Analysis Officer.