Researcher checking plant growth.
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$9.3 $9.8 $9.3 $10.9 $12.8
worth of research grants and contracts awarded last year
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research papers published in refereed journals
books published
Professor in culinaria kitchen teaching students.
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Students working on a group project app for Rouge Park.
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Researcher in chemistry lab.
U of T Scarborough success rate

in Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Discovery Grants program

National rate: 82%

success rate

in Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Insight Grants program

National rate: 31.1%

Beakers on a shelf.
2017 Undergraduate Research Poster Forum winners
1st Tasneem Ezzy
(Molecular Genetics)

Factors involved in replication-mediated instability of disease associated repeats

3rd (tie)  Ayesha Tasneem
(Molecular Genetics)

Morphological development of basket cells in the murine cerebellar cortex

3rd (tie)  Steven Chang
(Environmental Science)

Total methylmercury in created wetlands of Rouge Valley National Urban Park

2nd Dilakshan Srikanthan, Sumaya Dano, Luke Ajay David, Nimra Javaid and Amanda Yee
(Biological Sciences)

Effects of cohabiting offspring on fitness of female western black widow spiders

3rd (tie)  Maegan Evelyn Sweeney
(Environmental Science)

Structural modulation of tris porphyrin molecules for electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide

Neuroscience researcher connecting electrodes to a subject’s head.
2017 U of T Scarborough Library Undergraduate Research Prize
Garima Shah

Measuring balance confidence after spinal cord injury: the validity and reliability of the Activities-specific Balance Confidence Scale

Monica Shah and Abdulwahab Sidiqi
(Centre for French and Linguistics)

What do you hear? An investigation of word bias in speech perception

Janessa Tam
(Centre for French and Linguistics)

Language switch costs in code-mixed Latin-Chinese sentences

Graduate student handling samples in a lab.
Research stories

Planetary harmonies around the TRAPPIST-1 system save it from destruction

These freshwater stingrays chew their food just like a goat

Motivation may be less limited than we think

Health humanities: The expert behind the multidisciplinary program

U of T Scarborough receives more than $2.2 million in NSERC research funding

Five U of T Scarborough faculty receive funding aimed at supporting cutting-edge research

When it comes to gifts new research shows it’s better to give AND receive

It turns out forgetting is really important for memory

Twelve U of T Scarborough researchers receive funding from annual U of T program

New technique offers “molecular window” into living organisms