The University of Toronto Scarborough participates with the St. George campus in a vending contract with Imperial Vending for the provision of refreshment vending services. The University of Toronto Scarborough has installed energy saving devices on all cold beverage machines which power down when machine use is idle. The devices do not compromise the service temperatures of the products.


Located in the following areas of the campus, the vending units include cold beverage, snack and confectionary items, frozen foods and milk:

  • H-Wing Level 2: Outside H-Wing Marketplace
  • B-Wing Level 2: Near Bladen Foyer
  • S-Wing level 3: Above Meeting Place
  • Student Centre Level 3: In Lounge
  • Instructional Centre, Level 2: West side of Atrium
  • ESCB: ground Floor Elevators


While Imperial Vending carries out a regular maintenance and service program, problems with the machines do occur.

Having a problem with a vending machine?

For refunds, contact us!

Please note that the Food and Beverage Services vending program does not include the ATM machines or parking meters.

If you need further assistance with a refund, please contact