UTSC OnTap: Bottled Water Free Campus

The University of Toronto has ended bottled water sales on all of its campuses in response to a student campaign. Although bottled water won't be banned on the UTSC campus, as of Oct. 31 2011 it will not be provided at university functions, sold in vending machines or by on-campus restaurants and vendors. For more information on the ban on the sale of bottled water on the University of Toronto campuses, click here.

In order to provide the University of Toronto Scarborough community with water sources, the university installed new bottle filling stations and upgraded old water fountains across campus to make it easier for students, staff and faculty to fill up their reusable bottles.The bottle-filling stations are fit with a motion sensor for bottles that are placed under the filling spout. The upgraded water fountains were retro-fitted with high goose-neck spouts under which a bottle can be easily placed to be filled.

Water fountains or bottle-filling stations can be found on the map!