Camp U of T Scarborough

Welcome to the first virtual summer camp program at University of Toronto Scarborough for children ages 6-12yrs!

The virtual program resembles the traditional camp program transformed onto a virtual platform through Zoom.  The weekly virtual camps will be facilitated by staff, community partners and virtual program leaders, which campers fondly know as Camp Counsellors.  The online Zoom format is user friendly and highly intuitive, though we encourage everyone to download the Zoom app and be familiar with the basic features of Zoom prior to the first camp session.  In some cases, program session documents and video’s pertaining to the program subject will be organized on the camp’s YouTube Channel.

Note:  Each week, there will be multiple program sessions that occur at the same timeframe, which is why it is important to ensure that you do not register for multiple programs with conflicting timeframes.

Camp Features

  • Variety of virtual programs:  Adventure, Arts & Crafts, Visual Arts, Baking, Cooking, Dance, Magic Science, Yoga, Robotics, STEAM Lego,
  • 6-week virtual programs for children ages 6-12yrs that requires 1-3 hours of online interaction per day
  • Each virtual program will be facilitated by 1-2 instructors and supported with 2-4 Virtual Camp Leaders online
  • Complimentary registration for “Friday Special Events” hosted by Virtual Camp Leaders for all registered camp participants
  • Online programs delivered through user-friendly Zoom Video Conferencing accessible through Laptop, Desktop and Tablet
  • Wonderful opportunity for children to directly engage virtually with peers, Counsellors and Program Facilitators in real time!
  • Progressive academic programming facilitated by U of T Scarborough staff, faculty, alumni, community partners and camp leaders
  • Small-to-medium-to-large class sizes – a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 45 participants
  • User-friendly online camp registration system available Monday through Sunday 24/7