Eating on Campus

Market Place - HWing

The Market Place is the primary food service outlet on campus, includes;

Booster Juice Chop Sticks BHOJ (Authentic Indian Food)
Pizza Pizza Grill  Bento Sushi
Taco Burrito Salads UTSC Sweets SPICE - Healthy Kitchen

Tim Hortons -  B-Wing Bladen Foyer

The intersection of the ARC and B-Wing has always been a popular location for quick service food outlets and never more so than when a full-service Tim Hortons was introduced.

Tim Hortons- Kiosk H-Wing (Currently Closed) 

Tim Horton's is a smaller outlet with the full range of hot and cold beverages, and baked goods. Soups, bagels and sandwiches are not available at this location.

Starbucks in the Meeting Place

Since 1971, Starbucks Coffee Company has been committed to serving the best. Starbucks Canada follows the same tradition with its coffee and tea drinks.

La Prep - Instructional Centre

La Prep is an innovative sandwich, salad, soup, and assorted baked goods restaurant concept, also offering a wide variety of signature coffees.

Student Centre (Currently Closed) 

The Student Centre offers a food court that is constantly buzzing with student energy and offers a variety of food options including; Hero Burger, KFC, Asian Gourmet, Subway and Treats. The University's student-run restaurant, Rex's Den, is also housed in the Student Centre.