Conference Services

Conference Services at the University of Toronto Scarborough provides a variety of services to the general public including conference and event planning, summer accommodation, food services and meeting rooms designed to suit your various needs.

Situated along the picturesque Highland Creek Valley, the University of Toronto Scarborough is a popular destination for local and international gatherings. Guests are welcome to explore our 300 acres of lush parkland and hiking trails, contemporary art gallery, cultural events, and the rich history and beauty of our local community. 

In addition to being the leading research university in Canada offering unique programs of study, we are also a proud member of the community we live in and offer a variety of resources. Our dedicated and customer-oriented Conference Services staff are readily available to assist you in planning, organizing and executing your next successful event.

Our Mission Statement

  • Understanding customer needs and delivering excellent service through a wide range of resources
  • Anticipating market trends and building on a successful customer track record
  • Encouraging teamwork, innovation and excellence in all our staff
  • Pursuing future growth opportunities through strategic planning
  • Being guided by the principles of sustainability