Welcome from the Chair

Andrew Mason

Welcome to the Department of Biological Sciences at UTSC. With faculty who are innovative researchers and engaging teachers, staff who are dedicated and professional, and state-of-the-art facilities, we are proud of our department and invite you to learn more about us.

The interests and expertise of our faculty covers the full breadth of biology, from the molecular and cellular details of development, metabolism, and disease to the physiology and behaviour of organisms and the ecology of populations and ecosystems. This broad-based approach is represented in our undergraduate programs, which include Specialist programs in Molecular Biology & Biotechnology (with Co-op option), Human Biology, Integrative Biology, Biodiversity & Conservation, as well as a number of Major and Minor programs (including a new Major in Molecular Biology, Immunology & Disease). In addition, we offer several joint programs, including a Specialist or Major in Neuroscience (in partnership with the Department of Psychology), and a program in Paramedicine (in partnership with Centennial College).

Biology faculty currently supervise about 75 graduate students, including both M.Sc. and Ph.D. candidates. Graduate students may enter the department via any of the graduate programs at the University of Toronto in which our faculty hold appointments, including Cell and Systems Biology and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.

The department is located on the Scarborough campus of the University of Toronto, along the picturesque Highland Creek Valley. Lands neighbouring the University of Toronto Scarborough in the Rouge Valley have now been designated as Canada’s first National Urban Park, and the Toronto Zoo is minutes away. Research and teaching partnerships with the Rouge Park and the Zoo, along with our Co-op programs, create exciting opportunities for hands-on learning and outstanding scholarship at this vibrant and expanding campus.

Andrew Mason

Chair of Biological Sciences