The Department of Biological Sciences provides programs in the areas described below.

The Specialist and Co-operative programs in Neuroscience include Biology and Psychology courses but are administered through the Department of Psychology.


Conservation and Biodiversity (Major and Specialist)

This program presents a foundation for understanding how ecology and evolution shape organismal features (from morphology and physiology to behaviour) and the structure and function of communities and ecosystems.


Human Biology (Major and Specialist)

The Human Biology specialist program provides a solid foundation of introductory science courses and core biology courses while emphasizing, in the upper years, issues related to human health and the interaction of humans with the environment.

Caterpillar on leaf

Integrative Biology (Specialist)

Integrative Biology provides the student with a solid knowledge base in key core and foundational areas of biology while also providing a breadth of knowledge to support more specialized studies and focused training in a range of disciplines.


Biology (Major and Minor)

Biology is the study of life and this program is meant to provide students with a solid basic knowledge of this vast discipline, while allowing the student to tailor their program in the upper years toward one or more of biology's many sub-disciplines.


Paramedicine (Specialist Joint Program)

The paramedicine program is a joint program with Centennial College. Over the course of four years of study, students receive an Honors Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto and a Paramedic Diploma from Centennial College.

Canola plant

Plant Biology (Major)

Plants and fungi play critical roles in ecosystems and are used for food, fiber, oil, antibiotics, and pharmaceuticals, and they also can be employed to produce novel molecules of agronomic/economic interest.