The Natural Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) has an Undergraduate Student Research Award Program (USRA) and that pays a student to do 16 weeks of research with a professor over the Summer 2024 term.

Please note, preference is given to UTSC undergraduate students.  The department has a quota of 4 awards.  Please note awards made to self-identified Indigenous and Black students are in addition to the department's allocation.

Duration: 16 consecutive weeks 

Value of the award: Each award is $6000 NSERC (USRA) + a minimum of $1500 provided by the NSERC grant holder (supervisor).

Application instructions:

  1. Get your most current official transcript or a printout of your transcript directly from ACORN.
  2. Register for an account at NSERC's online system.
  3. Fill out Form 202 Part I via the NSERC website 
  4. Print Form 202 Part I or Print to PDF.
  5. Have your supervisor fill in Form 202 Part II. This must be done online. They will need your reference number from Part I.
  6. Please adhere to NSERC's General Presentation Guidelines. Any application not following these guidelines will be sent back to be redone.
  7. Have your supervisor print or print to PDF Form 202 Part II 
  8. Submit these items to Shamim Sarang, Biological Sciences Program Coordinator (biosciundergrad.utsc@utoronto.ca) or via the Departmental Administrative Suite in SW421C by March 20, 2024.

    • Official transcript (I can also scan and print or e-mail from ACORN for you)
    • Form 202 Part I
    • Form 202 Part II