The Natural Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) has an Undergraduate Student Research Award Program (USRA) that pays a student to do 16 weeks of research with a professor over the fall.

2017 USRA Eligible Supervisors



ANDRADE, MAYDIANNE Influence of mating system and variable selection on
ANDRADE, MAYDIANNE Understanding links among mating systems, plasticity &
BOONSTRA, RUDY The role of stress in natural populations
BOONSTRA, RUDY The role of stress in natural populations
BROWN, IAN Heat shock proteins in the nervous system
CADOTTE, MARC W. Community assembly and ecosystem processes in the light of
GAZZARRINI, SONIA Developmental phase transitions in plants
GAZZARRINI, SONIA Regulatory Networks during Developmental Phase Transitions
HARRISON, RENE  Microtubules in the bone-resorbing osteoclast
HARRISON, RENE Trafficking of procollagen in osteoblasts
HASENKAMPF, CLARE Structural and Functional Studies of Nuclear Organization,
KRONZUCKER, HERBERT Physiological ecology of nutrient acquisition in
KRONZUCKER, HERBERT Physiology and toxicology of cellular ion fluxes in
KRONZUCKER, HERBERT Physiology and toxicology of ion fluxes in plant roots
LOVEJOY, NATHAN RICHARD Molecular systematics, biogeography and evolution
LOVEJOY, NATHAN RICHARD Phylogenetics, biogeography and evolution of fishes
MANDRAK, NICHOLAS Biodiversity, biogeography, and conservation of freshwater
MASON, ANDREW Complex sensory signals:  function and mechanism
MASON, ANDREW Sensory processing, perception and communication in simple
MCGOWAN, PATRICK Perinatal stress and brain function
MOLNAR, PETER Climate change & land use change impacts on endangered wildlife
MOLNAR, PETER Climate change & land use change impacts on host-parasite systems and disease
MOLNAR, PETER Ecological modelling
NASH, JOANNE Intra-cellular signaling mechanisms in neurons
NASH, JOANNE PSD-MAGUKs in the striatum
NASH, JOANNE Understanding the Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Motor
POLLACK, GERALD Neuroethology of reproduction and acoustic communication in
REID, STEPHEN Control of breathing in vertebrates: Effects of chronic
REID, STEPHEN Respiratory Control Systems in Amphibians
RICHARDS, BLAKE Uncovering the neurobiology of combined supervised and
RIGGS, CHARLES Structural and Functional Studies of Nuclear Organization,
TEREBIZNIK, MAURICIO Characterization of the mechanism of action of nanobodies
TEREBIZNIK, MAURICIO Nature and morphogenesis of the intracellular compartments
TEREBIZNIK, MAURICIO Phagocytosis filamentous largets
THIELE, TOD Mapping sensorimotor neural circuits in zebrafish
TREANOR, BEBHINN LUCY The role of glycan-gatectin Interactions In regulating B
VANLERBERGHE, GREG Alternative oxidase of plant mitochondria
WEIR, JASON TYLER Latitudinal gradients in rates of evolution
WELCH JR., KENNETH COLLINS Fueling and performance in a high speed locomotor muscle
WELCH JR., KENNETH COLLINS Divergent mechanisms, convergent phenotype: the comparative
ZHAO, RONGMIN Investigation of molecular chaperone HSP90 in
ZHAO, RONGMIN Role of molecular chaperone HSP90C in regulating


Duration: 16 consecutive weeks (typically April 2017 – August 2017)

Value of the award: Each award is $4500 NSERC (USRA) + a minimum of $1125 provided by the NSERC grant holder (supervisor).

Application instructions:

Deadline: Friday September 22 by 4:00 p.m.

  1. Print the UofT NSERC USRA checklist and fill it in as you go. Without a completed checklist, we cannot accept your application.
  2. Get your most current official transcript.
  3. Register for an account at NSERC's online system.
  4. Print and sign Student/Supervisor Certification.
  5. Read the application instructions and fill out Form 202 Part I.
  6. Print Form 202 Part I.
  7. Have your supervisor fill in Form 202 Part II. This must be done online. They will need your reference number from Part I.
  8. Please adhere to NSERC's General Presentation Guidelines. Any application not following these guidelines will be sent back to be redone.
  9. Have your supervisor print Form 202 Part II and sign the Student/Supervisor Certification.
  10. Submit these items to Jennifer Campbell, Biological Sciences Course Coordinator (SW421-D)