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Phone: 416-208-5152
Website: Weir Lab
Location: SW 549

Teaching Interests

  • BIOC50H: Macroevolution
  • BIOD48H: Ornithology and Herpetology

Research Interests

Why do the tropics harbor so many species compared to high latitude regions like Canada? My work seeks to determine the key factors driving the buildup of biodiversity in tropical and temperate regions.


  • biogeography
  • speciation
  • extinction
  • evolution
  • phylogenetics
  • latitudinal diversity gradient

Research Area: Conservation Ecology and Evolution, Neuroscience and Behaviour

Current Research

We use comparative phylogenetic, morphological and experimental approaches to address patterns of biodiversity in New World birds.

  1. Investigate how rates of speciation, extinction and morphological and behavioral evolution vary across latitudinal gradients.
  2. Compare dynamics of hybrid zones in Amazonia and North America.
  3. Seek to understand the role of Plio-Pleistocene climate changes and geological events in promoting patterns of diversity and the latitudinal diversity gradient.