Dan Riggs

Dan Riggs
Associate Professor


Currently on Leave

Research Interests: 

My interests lie in the cellular, molecular and biochemical basis of development.


  • transcription factor
  • chromatin
  • stem cell
  • differentiation
  • Arabidopsis

Research Area: Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology, Plant Biology

Current Research

Our current research focuses on two transcription factors, BP and FIL, which play antagonistic roles in regulating cell division and differentiation, and which are therefore an important determinant of plant architecture. Biochemical, cytological, genetic and molecular approaches are used to identify and characterize mutants which exhibit altered development. We use Arabidopsis as a model system for this work, and anticipate that elucidation of developmental mechanisms in Arabidopsis will be applicable to plants of agricultural and horticultural importance.

Teaching Interests: 

  • BIOB11H: Molecular Aspects of Cellular and Genetic Processes
  • BIOD25H: Genomics