Missed Term Work Policy

What do I do if I miss term work due to an illness?

Please note the following aspects related to missing term work:

1. Your courses’ syllabi may have additional information about missed term work that may not be covered here.  Please read your syllabus carefully for instructions.Please review your course syllabus for timelines to report illness.

2. Please email your instructor within 48 hours of missed work with documentation as outlined or referencing (screenshot) self-declaring on Acorn if you require additional accommodations for missed course work. Please e-mail the BIOA01H3/A02H3 Coordinator Karolyn Keir at biolife@utsc.utoronto.ca if you are in BIOA01 or BIOA02 (Please ensure you reference Keir in the subject line and include your student number in the body of your e-mail).  You must attach the UTSC Verification of Illness Form if you visited a Physician and are under the care of a Physician for an extended time period that cannot be covered with self-declaration on Acorn.    

If you are unsure how to self-declare illness on Acorn please consult the following help pages:

How do I declare an absence? https://help.acorn.utoronto.ca/blog/ufaqs/how-do-i-declare-an-absence/

How do I cancel an absence declaration? https://help.acorn.utoronto.ca/blog/ufaqs/how-do-i-cancel-an-absence-declaration/

Submitting a false Self-Declaration of Student Illness form constitutes academic misconduct, and could be subject to sanctions under the Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters.

Once you have submitted the Self Declaration or UTSC Verification of Illness please ensure you e-mail your instructor to let them know you are missing term work.  

What do I do if I am going to miss term work that is not due to an illness?

Examples of possible documentation that can be submitted: 

  • A death certificate or funeral notice
  • A police accident report
  • Travel ticket or flight itinerary for non-vacation  or personal matters (must include departure and arrival dates and times)
  • A letter from a Coach or Varsity Administration for UofT Varsity activities
  • Record of a visit to an emergency room
  • E-mail sent directly to the Program Coordinator or your instructor from a Disability Consultant at AccessAbility Service

Samples of reasons that are NOT acceptable include personal travel (vacations), medical prescriptions, weddings, work commitments

What do I do if I miss a final exam?

Please review the Registrar's website for policies and procedures: http://www.utsc.utoronto.ca/registrar/missing-examination