Missed Term Work Policy

What do I do if I miss a term test due to an illness?

If you miss a term test you must provide the UTSC Verification of Illness Form within 2 days of the term test to Jennifer Campbell (jacampbell@utsc.utoronto.ca) Course Coordinator in Biological Sciences.  Please ensure your physician has indicated a clear start date, end date and visit date(s) on the form.  Notes that are missing dates or have dates that do not correspond to the test missed will not accepted.

What do I do if I am going to miss term work that is not due to an illness?

Examples of possible documentation that can be submitted to Jennifer Campbell (note your documentation must indicate the event will occur on the date of the assignment):

  • A death certificate or funeral notice
  • A police accident report
  • Travel ticket or flight itinerary for non-vacation  or personal matters (must include departure and arrival dates and times)
  • A letter from a Coach or Varsity Administration for UofT Varsity activities
  • Record of a visit to an emergency room
  • E-mail sent directly to the Course Coordinator from a Disability Consultant at AccessAbility Service

Samples of reasons that are NOT acceptable include personal travel (vacations), medical prescriptions, weddings, work commitments

What do I do if I miss term work (assignments) due to an illness (Fall 2019)?

This term we are trying a pilot program regarding the requirement of submitting the Verification of Student Illness form for missed term assignments. Specifically, if you are ill during the term, and this illness influences your ability to meet a deadline for submission of a term assignment, rather than submitting a Verification of Student Illness form in your request for accommodation you can submit a Self-Declaration of Student Illness form, indicating the days in which you were ill. This form is meant to take the place of the more typical medical form.

Please note the following aspects related to this Self-Declaration of Student Illness form:

1. Similar to the submission of a medical form, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for contacting Jennifer Campbell, the administrative staff in your department to make arrangements for an accommodation for this work.

2. You may use the Self-Declaration of Student Illness form ONLY for term assignments. For any term exams in this course, you will need to submit a Verification of Student Illness form. For the final exam, you will need to follow the typical procedures for petitioning to write a deferred exam.

3. You may use the Self-Declaration of Student Illness form up to five times in a course. If you require an additional accommodation for a term assignment, you must then use the standard UTSC Verification of Illness Form.

4. Submitting a false Self-Declaration of Student Illness form constitutes academic misconduct, and could be subject to sanctions under the Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters.

Please submit any Self-Declaration of Student Illness forms in the same fashion as you would have a previous Verification of Student Illness form. Accordingly, you will need to submit this form to Jennifer Campbell, Course Coordinator within three days of the missed term work.

Please ensure you consult the course syllabus for policies and procedures regarding missed term work and possible accommodations. Once you have submitted the Self Declaration form or UTSC medical certificate to Jennifer Campbell, Jennifer will consult with your instructor and give you instructions on what accommodations (if any) you will have.

What do I do if I miss a final exam?

Please review the Registrar's website for policies and procedures: http://www.utsc.utoronto.ca/registrar/missing-examination