Ivana Stehlik

Ivana Stehlik
Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
Telephone number
Building SW 563C

Teaching Interests

  • BIOA02H: Life on Earth- Form, Function and Interaction
  • BIOC38H: Plants and Society
  • BIOC52H: Ecology Field Course
  • BIOC63H: Conservation Biology
  • BIOC67H: Inter-University Biology Field Course
  • BIOD62H: Species and Speciation

Research Interests

My research interests lie in (1) conservation and environmental biology; (2) all what can be taught outdoors, i.e. field biology (especially field botany) and natural history (such as e.g. plant-animal interactions); (3) evolution with a special emphasis on what is driving speciation; and (4) plants and society, i.e. how people have domesticated which plants and how plants feed the planet. Also, my passion lies in how to communicate science most effectively to students and how to maximize student learning quality and experience

Keywords: conservation biology, field ecology, botany, plants and society, evolution, speciation

Research Area: Ecology and Evolution, Botany, Plant Reproduction