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  1. I requested and was accepted into my Biological Sciences program prior to September 2020, will I need to complete these courses to graduate?
    No, you will not be required to take these courses for your program, but you will still be able to enroll and apply the 10% as outlined if you choose.

  2. I already completed the piloted poster project.  Can I use that grade as completing BIOB90H3?
    No, if you add a Biological Sciences program effective September 2020 or later you will still need to complete BIOB90H3 as part of your program requirements and must therefore re-enroll in the project in an upcoming semester. 
  3. Will I need to pay an additional fee to enroll in this course?
    No, these program requirements will not have course fees attached.
  4. What if I completed all of the B-level courses associated with BIOB90H3 and did not enroll and complete BIOB90H3?
    You will still be required to complete BIOB90H3 for program requirements prior to graduation, but you will not be able to apply grades earned during the project to the B level core courses that you have previously completed. That is, you would need to complete the B90 assignment and obtain a passing grade, but this grade will not be applied to any of your B-level courses, as this can only occur when you are concurrently enrolled in B90 and the participating B-level core courses.
  5. What if I completed the C level courses required for my program and did not add BIOC90H3, am I still required to complete this course?
    Yes, you will need to complete this course as a stand alone course as part of your program requirements prior to graduation, but you will not be able to apply the 10% to one of the participating C level courses unless you enroll in one of them concurrently.
  6. Can I take BIOB90H3 and/or BIOC90H3 more than once?
    No, it is only possible to successfully complete BIOB90H3 and BIOC90H3 once during your degree.  If you attempt to re-enroll in the course, you will be removed. 
  7. Can I apply the grade earned in BIOB90H3 or BIOC90H3 to a course I took in a previous term?
    No, you will only be able to apply the 10% to your final grade to the course (BIOC90) or courses (BIOB90) you are taking concurrently (i.e. in the same semester). 
  8. If I do not successfully complete (did not get a passing grade) BIOB90H3 or BIOC90H3 am I required to retake it?
    Yes, you will need to add the course(s) again until you have completed the program requirement.
  9. I am not in a Biological Sciences program, can I take BIOB90H3 or BIOC90H3?
    Please e-mail Jennifer Campbell (Course Coordinator) to request permission to take this course as this course is currently only open to students in Biological Sciences programs.  Decisions will be based on reviewing your current record on Acorn and your reason for requesting the course.
  10. Can I take BIOB90H3 and BIOC90H3 at the same time?
    No. You must successfully complete BIOB90H3 prior to enrolling in BIOC90H3.
  11. If I am retaking BIOC90H3 can I choose another C level for the grade to be applied to?
    No, you will only be able to apply the grade earned in BIOC90H3 once, when you first register to take C90 along with a participating C-level course. If you are re-taking the course, you will simply need to obtain a passing grade and this grade will not be applied to any courses that you have completed or are concurrently enrolled in.