Instructional Classes

Our instructional classes will be starting again for the second half of the semester. Classes start on Monday, July 6th and will run for 5 weeks. Karate, Hip Hop, Self Defense, and Salsa will all be offered. Classes are FREE for registered UTSC students. Non registered students will have the option to purchase a non registered membership or 'pay as you go' punch cards. Faculty and staff can purchase the 'pay as you go' punch cards to enjoy Athletic and Recreation programming.

Instructional classes require registration. Registration can be done online at or in person at our information kiosk, located in R-258 (open Monday to Thursday 11am - 8pm and Friday 11am - 3pm)

All courses will take place in the R-Wing Studio, which is the located in the lower level of the old gymnasium (previous Recreation Centre Teaching Studio). High and low exercise options are available. 

For more information on courses, including course codes, click here.

Instructional Poster