Athletic Banquet 2019

Another year has come and gone! We had a fantastic year in the Intramural Program, with UTSC participating in over 50 intramural leagues, winning 5 championships, 7 finalist titles, 8 semi-finalist titles - a testament to the teams' successes and dominance in U of T Intramural Programs.

The Championship teams included:

  • Coed Ultimate Frisbee A - Fall
  • Women's Basketball - Winter
  • Men's Maroons Basketball
  • Women's D-League Volleyball
  • Men's Spartans Indoor Soccer

The 54th Annual Athletic Banquet was held on Saturday, March 30 at the Chelsea Hotel, Toronto. On this night, the UTSC community came together to celebrate the success of our student athletes and recognize the contributions made to our Intramural program by students, staff, alumni and community members.

The following individuals were selected by an awards committee, after being nominated by the UTSC community at large:

  • Female Dickinson Award (Female Athlete of the Year) - Megann Davidson
  • Male Dickinson Award (Male Athlete of the Year) - Michael Mines
  • Female "Heart" Award - Dana van Vliet
  • Male "Heart" Award - Niroban Jayakumar
  • Spirit Award - Women's Hockey
  • Professor Taimo Pallandi Award - Arika Hisatsune
  • A.F.W Plumptre - Antony Nembhard
  • The Coaching Award - Anthony Cicirello
  • Stripes Award - Carmelia Shito
  • UTSC Soccer Hall of Fame - Gabriela Estrada and Habib Ouane
  • UTSC Hockey Hall of Fame - Roy Hu

We would like to thank all those who joined us to celebrate and congratulate the S.C.A.A on a great year and on putting together such an incredible event. Congratulations to all award winners and to all our student athletes on their participation and success in our Intramural program.

Please go to our gallery to see photos of our major award winners.