50th Athletic Banquet

On Saturday, April 4th, the Department of Athletics and Recreation celebrated its 50th Athletic Banquet. It was well attended by over 250 Students, Faculty, Staff, Alumni, and distingusihed guests. Katrina Pilatos, President of the Scarborough College Athletics Association recaps the night for us:

The Department of Athletics and Recreation, in collaboration with the Scarborough College Athletics Association (SCAA), hosted its 50th Annual Athletic Banquet at the Eaton Chelsea Downtown. The night began with cocktails and a delicious buffet dinner, followed by an awards ceremony to congratulate all our athletes on their hard work and athletic achievements for the year. As a student athlete here at UTSC, I know how much we all look forward to this event. It’s the SCAA’s largest event and by far the most successful. It’s a great way to show our appreciation to all participants and to express how important they are to the Department and the SCAA. The Athletic Banquet is an evening to commend our athletes on their participation and accolades. From team MVPs and championships to one of the highest awards, the Taimo Pallandi Award of Excellence, we honored a half-century of participation in athletics, while recognizing our current top athletes.

For a list of all the Major Award Winners, please click here