Work Term Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility Requirements for Domestic and International Students

To be eligible for your first work term, you must: 

  • Complete any specific program-specific requirements prior to the work term (as outlined in the 2017-18 U of T Scarborough Calendar)
  • Successfully complete COPD01 and COPD03 before competing for your first work term
  • Have completed fewer than 18.0 FCEs before you begin your final work term

To be eligible for later work terms, you must:

  • Be in good standing in the program
  • Have completed any program-specific requirements
  • And have received a grade of CR (credit) on your earlier work term(s).

International Students: Work Term Permits

If you’re studying on an international visa, you’ll require a co-op work permit from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to begin a job search, get hired, and complete a work term. To ensure that you're fully prepared for the process, you should attend an information session prior to applying for your co-op work permit in the fall of your first year in the program. These information sessions are co-hosted by the Co-op office and the International Student Centre.

Be mindful of your work permit's expiry date; it will require an extension if it doesn’t last the full length of your study permit. Allow at least 8 weeks' processing time. At this point, the normal permit processing fee is not charged to co-op students.

In addition to your application, you’ll need a letter from the Co-op Office stating that your work terms are part of your co-op program requirements. To make arrangements to have this letter printed, please contact us at

It will also take time after receiving a work permit to receive a Social Insurance Number (SIN).

The Immigration & Citizenship Canada website provides up-to-date information and forms:

Additional information and comprehensive details on regulations and assistance for International Students are available from the International Student Centre website.