Preparing For Work Term

Seven Important Steps to Remember

You've successfully secured a co-op work term - congratulations! Now that you've accepted a job offer, here are 7 things to keep in mind:

  1. Formal Offer Letter from Employer
    We have notified your employer of your acceptance and they will be in touch with you regarding a formal offer letter and confirming details of your first day. If you don't receive this information, please let us know or reach out to your supervisor to confirm the start time and where you should report on your first day of work. Employers can take anywhere from 1 to 6 weeks to get this letter to you via your utoronto email address or - in some cases - to the mailing address indicated on your resume. Upon receipt, please follow the employer's instructions. Please also email a copy of the signed letter to the Co-op office for our records.
  2. Your Outstanding Applications and Interview Requests
    If we're contacted by any organizations who would like to schedule an interview with you, we'll let them know that you're no longer available for the upcoming work term. Sometimes, co-op employers will contact students directly. If this happens, please thank them for considering you and let them know you have already accepted a job offer for the upcoming work term. You could also let them know that you would be happy to consider working with them for future opportunities.
  3. Dropping Courses for the Upcoming Semester
    You can drop your courses once you see your work term recorded on your Academic Record on ACORN.
  4. Taking Courses While on Work Term
    While on work term, your priority lies with your employer. Students are permitted to take up to one course/0.5 FCE while on work term, provided the course is not during work hours and your completion of the course work, exams etc. will not interfere with your work term commitments. You should not request any time off or an adjusted work schedule to study or attend classes. You only have a short time with each employer and don't want to jeopardize opportunities by having too many demanding priorities.
  5. Health/Dental Coverage While on Work Term
    Since you're on work term, you are not automatically covered by the SCSU Health and Dental benefit plan. If you need insurance coverage, please contact SCSU directly to receive details on enrolment procedures, dates and costs. 
  6. Athletic Membership While on Work Term
    Do you want to use the athletic facilities on campus or participate in intramural sports while on work term? You will need to enrol in a Non-Registered Student Membership with Athletics & Recreation. 
  7. OSAP While on Work Term
    If you receive OSAP funding, you need to connect with the Financial Aid Office to complete the Continuation of Interest Free Status (CIFS) form so that you don't accrue interest on your OSAP load during your co-op work term.