Life As A Co-op Student

What's it like to be an Arts & Science co-op student at U of T Scarborough?

From co-op courses to the job search, work terms, and plans after graduation, here's a snapshot of what our students have to say.

A Rewarding Relocation: Ofure Iribhogbe shares her Ottawa work-term experience

Ofure Iribhogbe is a Psychology and Health Studies major who is currently on a co-op work term at Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI). She decided to relocate from Toronto to Ottawa for her work term, a difficult but ultimately rewarding task. Read on for more about why Ofure chose co-op, why she chose to relocate, and her advice to students who may be looking to relocate.

UTSC Public Policy Co-op grad Saeema Saifuddin

"Choose your work term strategically": Wise words from new Co-op grad Saeema Saifuddin

Personal experience combined with an interest in public service inspired public policy co-op grad Saeema Saifuddin (BA ’19) to double major in Public Policy and Sociology and successfully complete an eight month work term at the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, and then on to a Masters of Public Service at Waterloo this September.

Co-op Student Feature: Neuroscience Specialist Sanjay Jeyakumaran

Co-op Student Feature: Neuroscience Specialist Sanjay Jeyakumaran

Sanjay Jeyakumaran is the Winter term recipient of the Co-op Relocation Grant, a $250 financial award made available to Arts & Science Co-op students who secure a work term outside of the Greater Toronto & Hamilton Area. Sanjay reflects on his work term relocation to Vancouver: "I implore everyone in the Co-op program to explore their options outside of Toronto. It’s easy to be complacent and stay within the confines of what you know but venturing into unfamiliar territory will change how you approach the rest of your undergraduate degree."

Co-op Student Feature: Women & Gender Studies Student Sarah Elsawy

Co-op Student Feature: Women & Gender Studies Student Sarah Elsawy

Sarah Elsawy’s co-op experience became a platform to voice for Arts students, Women in STEM: "Joining the organization was definitely an eye-opening experience. I met some fantastic people and I got to be a part of a team that works to protect Canada and Canadians safety. I consider myself extremely lucky that I got to do all this! It was the best decision I ever made. I now have extensive experience that correlates to my field of study.”

U of T Scarborough Psychology Co-op Student Krishani Patel

Co-op Student Feature: Psychology Student Krishani Patel

Krishani Patel reflects on her work terms with the Ontario Ministry of Education: "People tend to forget that studying psychology fine-tunes skills that are highly transferrable, so you aren't restricted to working in the same field of your study. As an upper year student, I think it’s important to remind my younger peers that sometimes you don't always end up where you thought you were supposed to, and most of the time, it's for the better.”

University of Toronto Molecular Biology & Biotechnology Student Oleksandra Kaskun

Co-op Student Feature: Molecular Biology & Biotechnology Student Oleksandra Kaskun

Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Co-op student Oleksandra Kaskun was one of only five students selected from among a competitive pool of applicants as a recipient of the 2017/2018 Brain Tumour Research Studentship (worth $10,000) awarding her the incredible opportunity to conduct critical research about brain tumours with The Hospital for Sick Children. This unique studentship gives Oleksandra the chance to contribute to a vital medical field in an area she has always been passionate about.
University of Toronto City Studies Alumnus Da Chen

Co-op Student Feature: City Studies Alumnus Da Chen

City Studies Alumnus Da Chen (BA, 2017) shares how his Co-op placement with Parks Canada was a life-changing experience. After completing a successful Co-op term, Da had the opportunity to return to work with the Parks Canada Northern Engagement Team in increasing public awareness about the Northern National Parks and the culture of Canada, bringing him new insights on how to engage in better city planning and conservation.
U of T Scarborough Neuroscience Co-op Student Rachelle Martell

Co-op Student Feature: Neuroscience Student Rachelle Martell

This is a challenging program with significant long-term rewards. If you are someone who wants practical skills and are willing to put in the work, co-op will help you reach your goals. It not only gives you an opportunity to apply your learning in the workplace, but also a shines a light on where your talents can develop into careers that you may not have been aware even existed.

University of Toronto City Studies Co-op Student Kaitlyn Osborne

Co-op Student Feature: City Studies Student Kaitlyn Osborne

I had the opportunity to combine my passion for cities and culture with the experience of working at the Greater Toronto Airport Authority (GTAA); as a result, learned that my program can be applied to several fields outside of the traditional city planning career path. During my work term, I put my research skills to good use and worked with the route manager to tease out high-level trends based on the cultural ties between cities as well as geography-based statistics. This helped to create new and stronger connections between destinations around the world.