Depending on your co-op program, program advisors are your first point of contact for questions regarding course and program selection.
Where only a Co-op program supervisor is listed, they will provide you with course and program guidance. Supervisors also approve admission to, and graduation from, co-op programs, as well as assess work term report projects.


Biochemistry & Chemistry

Shadi Dalili
Co-op Program Supervisor
Room: SW636
Phone: ​416-287-7215
Email: sdalili@utsc.utoronto.ca


City Studies

Marishka Pereira
Program Advisor
Phone: ​416-208-4811
Email: cit-advisor@utsc.utoronto.ca


André Sorensen
Co-op Program Supervisor
Room: HL528
Phone: ​416-287-5607
Email: sorensen@utsc.utoronto.ca


Computer Science

Richard Pancer
Co-op Program Supervisor
Room: IC490
Phone: ​416-287-7679
Email: pancer@utsc.utoronto.ca



Karina Vernon
Associate Chair
Email: kvernon@utsc.utoronto.ca


Environmental Biology (Specialist)

Adam Martin
Co-op Program Supervisor
Room: EV462
Phone: 416-287-7326
Email: adam.martin@utoronto.ca


Environmental Chemistry (Specialist)

Myrna Simpson
Co-op Program Supervisor
Phone: ​416-287-7234


Environmental Physics (Specialist)

Julian Lowman
Co-op Program Supervisor
Room: EV344
Phone: ​416-208-4880
Email: lowman@utsc.utoronto.ca


Environmental Science & Geoscience (Specialist)

Heidi Daxberger
Co-op Program Supervisor
Phone: ​416-208-5136
Room: EV466
Email:  Heidi.daxberger@utoronto.ca


Environmental Science (Major)

Tanzina Mohsin
Co-op Program Supervisor
Phone: ​416-287-7245



Pascal Riendeau
Co-op Program Supervisor
Email: riendeau@utsc.utoronto.ca



Program Advisor
Email: history-undergrad-advisor@utsc.utoronto.ca

William Nelson IV
Co-op Program Supervisor
Room: HW522
​Phone: ​416-208-2923
Email: wnelson@utsc.utoronto.ca

Health Studies

Brigitte Gonzalez-Shin
Program Advisor
Phone: ​416-208-2738
Email: b.gonzalez@utsc.utoronto.ca


Jessica Fields
Co-op Program Supervisor and Chair
Email: jessica.fields@utoronto.ca

Linguistics & Psycholinguistics

Juvenal Ndayiragije
Co-op Program Supervisor
HW 313A 
416-287-7135 | mtsimenis@utsc.utoronto.ca


Math (Major)

Ray Grinnell Co-op Program Supervisor
Room: IC466
Phone: 416-287-5655 Emailgrinnell@utsc.utoronto.ca

Math (Specialist)

Ray Grinnell
Co-op Program Supervisor
Room: IC466
Phone: 416-287-5655

Molecular Biology & Biotechnology

Aarthi Ashok
Co-op Program Supervisor
Room: SW521D
Phone: 416-208-5102
Email: aashok@utsc.utoronto.ca



William Seager
Co-op Program Supervisor
Email: philchair@utsc.utoronto.ca


Psychology, Neuroscience, Mental Health Studies

Hanan Domloge
Program Advisor
Room: SW427D
Phone: 416 208 4867

Public Policy

Marishka Pereira
Program Advisor
Phone: 416-208-4811
Email: pol-advisor@utsc.utoronto.ca

Renan Levine
Co-op Program Supervisor
Phone: 416-208-2651
Email: renan.levine@utoronto.ca

Stats (Major)

Mahinda Samarakoon
Co-op Program Supervisor
Room: IC442
Phone: ​416-208-4748
Email: mahinda@utstat.utoronto.ca


Stats (Specialist)

Sotirios Damouras
Co-op Program Supervisor
Room: IC344
Phone: ​416-208-4794
Email: sotirios.damouras@utoronto.ca


Women's Studies

Connie Guberman
Co-op Program Supervisor
Room: HW521
Phone: 416-208-2924
Email: c.guberman@utoronto.ca