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Summer Research Studentships

Considering a research position for the summer?

Many organizations start their recruitment process early, and they're quite competitive. To help you set yourself apart, we're setting you up with some industry insights and exclusive co-op resources. Check out this page for a video featuring 3 UTSC Arts & Science co-op students who recently completed research studentships and their advice to you. You'll also meet co-op's industry expert on research and healthcare industry, Maryam Irshad, who provides some helpful information, links to a few studentships, and info on how to access the exclusive Co-op content in CSM.

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Work Term Presentations: Learn More From Returning Co-op Students

January + February 2020, various times + locations

Want to learn more about what work terms are like, or get the inside scoop about specific co-op employers? Join our returning co-op students as they share their work term posters and presentations for you to discover more about their jobs, their employers, their experience, and more. They'll also be available to answer questions about their co-op experience and their work term. 

Check out the scheduled dates and organizations that students are returning from at the specific event listing on CSM (under Events > Workshops).

Don't see your program listed?

It could be that it doesn't require a presentation or a poster session as part of its evaluation. Consider attending a presentation for a similar program!

Interested in attending a session but can't see it on CSM?

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Program Date/Time Format
City Studies and Public Policy January 15 from 10:00 - 11:30am Presentations
Psychology February 4 from 9:00am - 12:00pm Poster Fair
Molecular Biology & Biotechnology TBC Presentations
Neuroscience and Mental Health TBC Poster Fair
Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Environmental Science TBC Poster Fair

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