Employer Responsibilities

Supervising a Co-op Student

In addition to the normal preparation undertaken when hiring new contract or temporary staff members, there are two other main considerations in hiring a co-op student: supervision and evaluation.

Hiring Stage

  • Prepare a job description that we will use to advertise your position to our students.
  • Provide a wage or salary to the students for the duration of their work term. As a reference compensation guidelines are provided below.
  • Prepare and sign an employment contract (along with the student) indicating the terms and conditions of employment.

Compensation Guidelines (as of 2017)

Program Area Average Wage/hr
Arts $16.64
Science $14.61
Technology $19.43


Identify a work term supervisor to provide guidance and direction to the Co-op student during the work term.

Monitoring and Assessment

Work term supervisors ensure that the student's work is consistent with what is stated on their job description. They also supervise the student, provide guidance throughout the work term, and - should any issues arise - connect with the business development coordinator. Finally, they also assess the co-op student's performance by completing a mid-term and final evaluation. 

Employer Forms

Job Submission Form
169.5 K (Word Document)

Work Term Agreement Form
90 KB (PDF)

Work Term Evaluation Form
215 KB (PDF)

Note: The responsibilities outlined above are for all programs except for our International Development Studies and Masters programs. There are different hiring processes and employer responsibilities for these two programs.

For specific information regarding please contact the program coordinators: 
IDS Co-op Program - boomgaardt@utsc.utoronto.ca or 416-287-7113

Masters of Environmental Science - hiremasters@utsc.utoronto.ca or 416-287-7358