Co-op Preparation Courses

Registering For Co-op Courses

Co-op courses have closed enrollment, meaning that you are not able to register or drop these courses through ACORN. We'll automatically register co-op students for the appropriate course based on their year of study, program of study, and work term sequence. If you have questions about your enrolment, please email

Required Co-op Courses

As an Arts & Science co-op student, you have a team of co-op staff dedicated to working with you along your journey, from admission to graduation. As you move through the program, you'll work with our talented team of student development professionals who will act as your key point of contact while you're in their course.

You'll complete four courses in addition to your 20 FCEs.

The following work-term preparation courses are taken before you start to seek your first work term:

The following seeking cycle support courses are taken during the term right before your work term while you are competing for co-op jobs:

Other Codes:

These courses are recorded as credit (CR) or no credit (NCR) on your transcript. No academic weight is given for these courses and no fee is charged.

You are automatically enrolled into these courses depending on your work term sequence and your standing in the program.

For more information on co-op courses, visit

Course Timing & Enrollment

If you were admitted to co-op directly from high school:

You are automatically enrolled in COPD01 based on your program:

Program Course Duration

Computer & Mathematical Sciences

September - December
Humanities & Social Sciences January - April
Life Sciences January - April
Psychological & Health Sciences January - April
Physical & Environmental Sciences January - April

If you were admitted after your first year of university:

You'll be automatically enrolled during the summer term (running from June to August).


This course sets the foundation for your success in co-op.  During this course, you will:

  • Learn about the job search cycle
  • Investigate skills and experience required for co-op and entry level roles in your area of study/with employers hiring students from your program
  • Assess your competitiveness and identify ways to increase it
  • Create job search documents
  • Develop and modify job search goals and plan to achieve them
  • Evaluate job postings/opportunities using various tools and strategies

This course culminates with the application of concepts and techniques in a Job Search Competition Simulation, which brings together the different elements you are exposed to through the course. 

Once you have successfully completed COPB50, you'll receive your work term sequence. Learn more about co-op work term sequencing »

COPB51: Preparing To Compete For Your Co-op Work Term

Course Timing & Enrollment

This course is typically taken in two semesters (eight months) prior to your first scheduled work term. You’ll be enrolled into a section based on your subject POSt; each of these course sections are delivered to tailor information to your academic program and its relevant job markets. 


During this course, you will:

  • learn how to tailor your job search documents to specific jobs/industries
  • practice effective interviewing skills
  • meet with your Student Development Coordinator one-on-one for additional coaching and development

Once you have successfully completed this course, you will enter your first job search cycle. 

COPB52: Managing Your Job Search & Transition to Work

Course Timing

Led by our Work Term Engagement Coordinators, this course is taken while you are competing for your first work term.


COPB52 is designed to provide you with:

  • the chance to explore key topics in the work place, such as professional communication, personal digital branding, industry-specific employer expectations and more
  • opportunities to receive in-class support and feedback while competing for your first co-op work term
  • one-on-one coaching and support with your Work Term Engagement Coordinator throughout the term, as needed

COPC98: Integrating Your Co-op Work Term Experience - Part I

Course Timing

Led by our Work Term Engagement Coordinators, this course is taken while competing for your second work term.


This course is designed to provide you with:

  • opportunities to reflect on your previous work term
  • the tools and techniques to incorporate your recent work term experience into your job search documents and interviews

COPC99: Integrating Your Co-op Work Term Experience - Part II

Course Timing

Led by our Work Term Engagement Coordinators, this course is taken while competing for your third work term.


  • provide you with opportunities to reflect on and share your previous work term experience
  • further develop techniques on how to best integrate this experience into job-search documents and interviews.

Your Co-op Support System

Here's an introduction to our team and how our roles support your success.  If you'd like to meet with anyone in person, feel free to reach out to set up an appointment or visit us in IC150. Our Operations Staff at the front desk are happy to help you.

Up-to-date contact information for all the roles descibed below can be found on the Arts & Science co-op website.