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Receiving and Deciding On a Job Offer

Receiving a Job Offer

You’ve received a job offer – congratulations!

In the Arts & Science Co-op Program, we facilitate the offer process on behalf of the employers by forwarding the offer details to you, which typically include your start and end dates, terms of employment, and salary. In some cases, you may be asked for references, be required to sign a confidentiality agreement or will need to complete additional documentation such as security clearance, a background check or immunization records.

If you are contacted for an interview or an offer for a position that was found outside of the co-op job search process, there are some additional steps that need to take place to verify and approve the role as a suitable co-op work term and learning opportunity.

Receiving a Job Offer Outside of Your Scheduled Work Term Sequence

If you receive an offer for a job that falls outside of your scheduled work term, we’ll consider changing the work term sequence to allow you to accept the employment offer on the basis that you:

  1. Discuss your situation with your Work Term Engagement Coordinator before accepting, and
  2. Ensure that you meet the minimum requirements for a work term.

Deciding on a Job Offer

Accepting Your Offer 

Once you've received an offer, you'll have one business day to decide on the job offer. If you have questions about the offer or want to consult with a Work Term Engagement Coordinator as part of your decision-making process, you can schedule an appointment with them using CSM. WTECS are available weekdays during business hours for consultation.

Changes to the position or employment terms?

It’s our goal to help you secure high-quality co-op jobs. To do this, we have vetted all of the positions posted in CSM to ensure that they meet our co-op standards. If significant changes to the position or employment terms have been made since the interview, we recommend that you discuss your offer with your Work Term Engagement Coordinator before making your decision. 

Declining Job Offers

Students are able to reject up to two job offers during their time in co-op without good reasoning. An example of good reasoning is a significant change to the original posting. Once you have rejected two offers, you will not be permitted to apply for further positions posted by the Co-op Office and may be required to undertake an independent job search.

What to do with your formal offer

Before the start of your work term, you should receive a formal letter of offer from your employer that outlines the terms of employment.

When you receive it:

  • Sign and date it immediately
  • Make two copies
  • Return the original (signed) offer letter to the employer and email a PDF copy to

Deferring a Work Term

If you’ve undertaken an active job search and haven’t secured a position, you can request to defer your work term to the following semester.

For exampleif youre scheduled for a summer work term and are unable to secure a position following an active job searchyou can instead apply for positions for the subsequent fall work term

Provided that your deferral is approved, you’ll then develop a plan of action with your Work Term Engagement Coordinator designed to support your success during the next available job search cycle.

However, if you haven’t engaged in an active job search, you won’t be permitted to defer your work term and will have an alternate work term sequence set by the Co-op Office. This could impact your academic progression through the program or delay your graduation date.