Ofure Iribhogbe: Psychology and Health Studies

Ofure Iribhogbe

Ofure Iribhogbe

Psychology & Health Studies

Ofure Iribhogbe is in the Psychology and Health Studies program, currently on a co-op work term at Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI). She decided to relocate from Toronto to Ottawa for her work term, a difficult but ultimately rewarding task. Read on for more about why Ofure chose co-op, why she chose to relocate, and her advice to students who may be looking to relocate.

Why Co-op?

“I chose co-op to gain work experience in the corporate world and learn what a job in my chosen field would be like, as the co-op program allowed me the opportunity to explore the job market and learn my career preferences. Additionally, I wanted to gain practical experience in job seeking and interviewing, go through the process of securing a job, and prepare myself mentally for life after university.”

“Another reason I joined co-op was to gain mentors and build my professional network. It is easier to create or find an employment opportunity when you have a network of people that can recommend you to someone, rather than just being another resume among hundreds of other applicants.”

On the Decision to Relocate

“I’d always thought about leaving Toronto, perhaps even to do an international placement, but I did not whole-heartedly pursue it. While it would’ve been exciting to get a placement abroad, a part of me was worried about the logistics of having to move to a new environment so far away.” 

“Initially, moving to Ottawa was very daunting. It was quite challenging to figure out the logistics involved in relocating given the vast distance between Toronto and Ottawa. Transportation was tricky; the trip had to be done in two batches. The next hurdle I had to overcome during the move was finding accommodation in a location close enough to the office. Though it was tough, I was determined. I found a place, I moved in, and all in all, it was a pleasant stay.”

A Day in the Life at CIHI

“I am currently completing a co-op work term at Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI). During this term, I am participating in matrix teams in the development and execution of metadata projects and support documentation. I contribute to the annual production of data source assessments and quality progress reports which includes developing content, fact checking and review, and working with stakeholders to resolve issues.  I also perform analysis in support of IQ projects and activities as needed.” 

“My role as an information quality personnel required me to scrutinize and evaluate trends in health data, and would conclude given the dictates of the direction in which the data points to. My training from UTSC in analyzing case studies and course assignments helped me in this role, because they have given me a knack for high order thinking and information processing, enabling me to perform my tasks comfortably.”

Advice for Students Looking to Relocate

“If I were to do the process over again, I would put more thought into my relocation plans. The relocation plan was definitely the most difficult and stressful part of the experience. I would also apply to international placements, as I would love to experience a completely different culture.”

“I definitely encourage seeking co-op students to keep an open mind and step out of their comfort zone and seize any opportunity to experience a new culture. In Ottawa, I have not only built durable networks but also made quality friends. This being said, I’m happy that I got in touch with my employer, as they gave me helpful information for my relocation process.”