Work Study Opportunities

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Apply through CLNx for the following work study opportunities in Anthropology for 2022-3 

For more details, please get in touch with individual professors or see full job posting on CLNx


JobID:  204895 - Research Assistant with the “Anthropology Resource Guide” Project 

(Profs. Lena Mortensen and Maggie Cummings) 

We are seeking an Undergraduate Research Assistant to contribute to the ongoing development and launch of the "Anthropology Resource Guide" that supports students in socio-cultural anthropology. The Student Research Assistant will play in integral role in the project, including helping lead focus groups to assess current students' ongoing needs and experiences with existing resources, researching additional resources, consulting on learning styles and needs of students, and assisting in the development and pilot testing of new online modules comprising the guide. Must be an Anthropology Major or Specialist (in socio-cultural stream) with excellent language and communication skills. Research Assistants are expected to meet bi-weekly with the project team and work independently for approximately 3-5 hours a week.

Application deadline: September 16


JobID: 205175 - Research and Communications Assistant 

(Prof Lena Mortensen and Anthropology Department) 

Highly motivated student wanted for exciting opportunity to become more involved in Anthropology at UTSC. The successful applicant will assist the Anthropology Department in researching post-degree career opportunities, creating content for our website and social media promoting pathways and programs, and liaise with Anthropology Alumni and the Academic Advising and Career office. Must be a specialist or major in Anthropology, have excellent language and communication skills, and be familiar with campus advising services. Hours flexible but must be available to participate in bi-weekly meetings and prepared to work independently.   

Application deadline: September 16


JobID: 203882 - Communications Assistants (2 positions) 

(Prof Lena Mortensen and Anthropology Department) 

Motivated students sought to assist the Anthropology Department with promotion and social media oriented towards the UTSC student body.  The Communications Assistants will join the departmental communications team and help identify current communication gaps and needs, facilitate social media postings, and create new content as needed.  Successful applicants must have excellent communications skills, have experience with various communications media, and have a strong interest or involvement in Anthropology programs.  Hours flexible but must be available to participate in bi-weekly meetings and prepared to work independently.  

Application deadline: September 16


JobID: 202256 - Digital Research Assistant

(Prof. Alejandro Paz)

Highly-motivated and detail-oriented students pursuing a degree in anthropology, media studies or related disciplines are sought for exciting research assistantship positions. The successful applicant(s) will join an interdisciplinary research team studying ways to track, visualize and analyze online dissemination of news articles as part of understanding digital media's role in globalization. Part of assignment may include supporting team members, checking results, or doing basic data collection. Hours flexible but applicants *must* be able to meet on a weekly basis. The successful applicant(s) must have:
* Excellent organizational skills (ability to set and meet deadlines, multi-task);
* Strong attention to detail;
* Strong writing and communication skills;
* Resourcefulness in solving complex problems;
* Ability to work in a group (effectively share results, communicate clearly, and seek advice/help promptly when problems arise, solicit feedback and ensure timely response from others).
In addition, one or more of the following skills would be a big plus:
* Interest in new media and digital scholarship;
* Experience using digital research tools.

Work mostly to be done remotely, and meetings will be held through video conferencing, like Zoom or Skype, so ability to meet in this fashion is necessary: students will need a device that can run video-conferencing (mic, occasionally video) as well as a stable internet connection. These will not be provided.

Application deadline: September 16


JobID: 205044 - Paleontology Research Assistant (2 positions)

(Prof. Mary Silcox)

Students will be working on collecting and potentially analyzing data related to paleontological projects. The work required may include taking measurements from fossil specimens, processing high resolution CT data, organizing specimens, entering and analyzing numerical data etc.

Application deadline: September 16


Job ID: 205447 - Assistant to the Director of the Centre for Ethnography, UTSC  (2 positions)

(Prof. Maggie Cummings)

The student should be pursuing a major in sociocultural anthropology at UTSC. The student will work closely with the Director of the Centre for Ethnography. Tasks will include creating an annual Newsletter; maintaining the Centre's social media accounts; helping to host events held at the CE (virtually and possibly in person, depending on COVID-related circumstances); creating opportunities for student involvement at the CE. Skills required: Excellent writing and communication skills; time management skills; organizational abilities; a keen interest in ethnography. Workload will vary each week, but will not exceed 5 hours per week. This is a great opportunity to get to know your professors (and for them to get to know you), and to participate in the creation of a sense of community among your fellow students.  Please include a statement of interest as part of your cover letter highlighting any previous research, work or other relevant experience you have. What makes you a good fit for this position? 

Applications should include a resume, cover letter, and unofficial transcripts. 

Application deadline: September 13


JobID: 205355 - Event Assistant (2 positions)

(Sandra Bamford and Maggie Cummings)

We are looking for two work-study students to assist the Co-chairs of the Local Organizing Committee (Maggie Cummings and Sandra Bamford) with a variety of tasks associated with convening the joint meetings of the Canadian Anthropological Society and the American Anthropological Society which is scheduled to take place in November 2023 at the Toronto Convention Centre. The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) is responsible for engaging the local universities and community with a variety of special events and scholarly programming. Responsibilities of the LOC include but are not limited to:

  • Consulting and planning of co-operative activities involving local First Nations
  • Organizing off-site plenary or keynote sessions with local universities
  • Putting together networking receptions and tours (guided and self-guided) involving local cultural sites (e.g., museums)
  • Organizing hosted film and media screenings open to the public
  • Engaging with local public-school districts
  • Staging the opening and closing ceremonies
  • Organizing several CASCA-specific events including:
    • Weaver-Tremblay Award Reception
    • Banquet
    • Annual General Meeting
    • Assist the Women’s Network with their event
    • Chair’s Breakfast

Applicants should have some familiarity with Sociocultural Anthropology. Ideal candidates will have some experience in event planning.

Please include a statement of interest as part of your cover letter highlighting any previous research, work or other relevant experience you have. What makes you a good fit for this position?

Application deadline: September 16