Mariam Nargolwalla

Mariam Nargolwalla
Assistant Professor
Building HL 357

Teaching Interests

Introduction to Biological Anthropology and Archaeology

Foundations and Theory of Human Origins

Human Origins: New Discoveries

Research Interests

Eurasian fossil primates; Paleobiogeography; Fossil mammals; Hominine and hominin origins; Paleoenvironments; Taphonomy; Comparative and evolutionary anatomy

Selected Recent Publications

Deane, A.S., Nargolwalla, M.C., Kordos, L., Begun, D.R., 2013. New evidence for diet and niche partitioning in Rudapithecus and Anapithecus from Rudabánya, Hungary. Journal of Human Evolution 65, 704–714.

Begun, D.R., Nargolwalla, M.C., Kordos, L., 2012. European hominoids and the origin of the African ape and human clade. Evolutionary Anthropology 21, 10–23.

Nargolwalla, M.C., Hutchison, M.P., Begun, D.R., 2006. Middle and late Miocene terrestrial vertebrate localities and paleoenvironments in the Pannonian Basin. Beiträge zur Paläontologie 30, 347–360.

Nargolwalla, M.C., Dean, M.C., Reid, D.J., Begun, D.R., Kordos, L., 2005. Dental development and life history in Anapithecus hernyaki. Journal of Human Evolution 49(1), 99–121.